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Hello and welcome to my website. I live and work on the south coast of England in the beautiful historic county of Hampshire. I have a degree in graphic design but now specialise in surface pattern and illustration.


Clients include:

Bloom and Nora 

I had a successful teaching career and led a creative art department for many years. Throughout this time I continued my personal art practice through my now extensive collection of sketchbooks. These document my travels abroad but particularly to communities with rich cultural traditions. This inspiration and my knowledge of the history of art and design developed through my teaching now form a strong influence in my own design work.

Creative Process

My work always begins with line drawing in a sketchbook. Depending on the brief I will sometimes develop this work further using a mixed media approach or scan the images directly into the computer. I'm never happier than when searching for design motifs developed from my initial observations. Finally I work on the computer to digitise my work using Adobe Illustrator.

I would love to hear from you if you are interested in licensing or purchasing any of the work you see on the site or if you would like to work with me directly on your own brief. I am also available for freelance work.

If you would like to see further work in my portfolio send me a message to and I will send you the access password.

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